Welcome to the world of Christian Fischbacher

Christian Fischbacher has been creating luxurious fabrics for more than 200 years.

During this time, the family-run business with its headquarters inSankt Gallen, Switzerlan, has become a globally successful purveyor of the finest bed linen, home accessories, rugs, towels, cushions, pillows and duvets as well as furnishing fabrics for private and public spaces.


Christian Fischbacheris cosmopolitan, open minded and inspired by a broad range of cultures. Our in-house design team is always on the lookout for the latest trends. Around the world, we discover new materials, colours, combinations and designs which we reinvent in new and unconventional ways for the homes of our customers

It is our firm belief that a beautiful, stylish home brings joy to our lives.


From the design to the final steps of manufacturing,Christian Fischbacherconsistently places the highest demands on quality. The textile expertise we have developed over the two centuries of our company’s lifespan, coupled with our great passion for the product and an incredibly creative, international team&nbspare key to the global success of our firm.

Swiss Luxury

Our bed linen, pillows and duvets as well as terry collection combines the highest quality with the very best workmanship. They are made from the best materials and create luxurious accents in bed- and bathrooms. We believe that it’s the detail that make the difference.&nbspThanks to our many years of experience and our almost limitless creativity the designs by Christian Fischbacher leave plenty of scobe for individual design requirements.

Bed Linen

Our bed linen is known for its exclusive materials and detailed prints. Every season, our in-house design team creates fresh, unique and innovative designs. It’s that special touch and our attention to detail that really characterise the signature style of theChristian Fischbacherbrand.&nbsp

Our swiss+cotton bed linen represents first-class Swiss craftsmanship and is made from premium, extra-long-staple cotton. Only the top 3% of cotton produced worldwide meets our quality requirements.


The Christian Fischbacher bathroom collection comprises luxurious towels and bathrobes in a rich selection of colours and designs. To make these products, we exclusively use yarns made of long cotton filament that is barely twisted. This lends the terry fabric its extremely high absorbency and softness.

Duvets and Pillows

The very highest environmental and quality standards paired with our commitment to ensuring a good night’s sleep are the philosophy behind our high-quality down and feather pillows and duvets. We only use materials coming from farms that take good care of the animals and never use live plucking. The down and feathers are washed with water that comes from our very own mountain spring. After washing, they are sorted and processed into our exclusive duvets and pillows that will guarantee a luxurious sleep experience.

Beauty and creativity is what we do. It’s so much fun creating new products and sharing them with our customers. We love interiors, and we look forward to expanding our customer base and our product portfolio in the future!


The unmistakable home accessories with Swiss quality standards are a clear statement for every home. An exquisite selection of luxurious home textiles promises elegant rooms and stylish living at the highest level.

Lifetime guarantee

Immerse yourself in the world of carefree living with Christian Fischbacher's lifetime guarantee - for unrivalled quality that lasts for generations! Our daily aspiration at Christian Fischbacher is quality and excellence down to the smallest detail. This claim is reflected in all areas of our company and above all in our production. The materials and raw materials we use are carefully selected and undergo precise processing with attention to detail at every stage of production. We would like to pass this quality on to you in the form of a lifetime guarantee. This guarantee covers in detail product defects that are the result of our production and emphasises our confidence in the longevity and outstanding quality of our products. Please note that our guarantee does not cover damage caused by consumer defects, stains, tears or similar signs of use. We take our responsibility for quality very seriously so that you can enjoy the excellence and durability of Christian Fischbacher products without regret.