Pillow Ascona
Pillow Ascona
Christian Fischbacher

Ascona Pillow

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  • Description+
      100% Cotton  

      Innovative, finest synthetic fibres are airily soft and ideal for providing the optimum feel-good factor for the resting surface of the pillow. Supportive branded polyester fibre micro-balls in the core of the pillow combine the properties of both filling materials so that your head rests softly while your spine is supported and cushioned. The integrated bolster supports your neck and prevents stiffness. Finished with light, breathable lyocell satin, the result is a wonderful feeling of wellbeing in bed and restorative sleep.

      The quilted outer casing and the complementary properties of the filling material result in a pillow with a supportive core and pleasantly-soft resting surface. Casing, bolster and interior of the pillows are separated from another by layers of fabric, preventing the comingling of different filling materials. The volume of filling and the firmness of the pillow and the bolster can be varied by means of a zip and refilling air-lock. Pillow and bolster are filled following the elaborate sewing process.


      2-chamber neck-support pillow adjustable

      • Refillable pillow, adjustable in height, suited for stomach, back and side sleepers.
      • Contents outer shell: soft, high-quality hollow polyester fibre, quilted
      • Contents core: polyester-fibre micro-balls (100%)
      • Fabric: satin (100% lyocell)

  • Care Instructions+
      • Moderate wash 60°

      • Do not bleach

      • Tumble dry moderate heat

      • Do not iron

      • Dry Clean